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Why Rent-a-Website


Easy, Fast and Cost Effective Website Design Solution for your Business!

Deciding to Rent-a-Website can save you time and money! We only have a small setup fee and a monthly price for each rental plan. Once the website has been completed, you pay a single monthly fee – that's it. We promise you no hidden fees or random hike in prices. Not only does this keep your costs low, it also allows you to create an effective budget, regulate cash flow and maximize your business capital.

Some Advantages of Renting your Website:

  • Hassle free, with all maintenance, updating and upgrading taken care of by us
  • Cost-effective and cash flow positive
  • Website rental is tax deductible as a business expense


The Importance of Having a Website:

With the dotcom revolution virtually taking over the world the importance of having a proper and well serviced website is crucial to any business looking to use the Internet as a basis to increase sales and profits. Clearly not just any old website will do, it needs to represent your company and project the kind of image that you want your potential customers to associate with your business.

A hastily, cheap and unprofessional website will deter many from using your services. Within 10 seconds of visiting a website, potential customers will sum you up and decide if they want to contact you. It is very important that you put your best foot forward from the very beginning.

Unlike other website rental companies our websites are built using the award winning content management system - Joomla. We are not advocates of the generic style template you will find everywhere, used in such systems as site builder.

Each website is designed and built with your branding in mind so you can promote your business in the best possible way, and our knowledge of marketing your business online an added bonus.